Hello! I’m Leandra.

I’m a freelance journalist and content writer based in northern Indiana. I help smart, creative business owners tell their stories and publish content that attracts, engages, and educates present and future clients. In the process, I take care of content marketing goals so small business CEOs can focus on what they do best: leading their brands, spending time with people they love, and nurturing personal passions.

I also travel. Often. And whether I’m writing content for brands or translating places and cultures for fellow global citizens and adventurers, the common thread is colorful stories and advice that invites readers to lean in and learn.

My work is published in The Everygirl, Dame Traveler, The Hart, and The Goshen News.

On a personal note, I grew up in Slovakia, taught English in Uganda, photographed weddings for years, and became a vegetarian sometime along the way. My happy place is curling up with a good book and glass of white wine in a sunny, quiet corner of the world.

Travel writer Leandra Beabout stands in the rain on Mount Jumullong Manglo in the U.S. island territory of Guam